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  1. On behalf of the peploe who live in my Traditional Area (part of which is in the area of Obuasi), I wish to express my appreciation for this very informative documentary. Beckford has focused attention on three situations which face ordinary Ghanaians and citizens of other countries in Africa. The IMF/World Bank imposed policies to which Beckford refers have ensured the perpetuation of these deplorable conditions, and it remains for governments such as ours in Ghana to hold out against these it is the responsibility of Ghanaians to pressure our government if we wish to see our circumstances improve. For those in the west who also desire that change, it is the actions of consumers acting with their pocket books and pressuring their politicians that will make that possible. The issue of unfair subsidies in food production goes beyond that of rice. Ghana used to produce virtually all of its own poultry products but now imports the majority of it from the United States and Holland, both of whom heavily subsidize agricultural production, and from Brazil, where continued clear cutting of the Amazon Rain Forest enables cheap agricultural production. Despite the implementation of modern methods and large scale, Ghanaian poultry producers have found themselves unable to compete and as a result are in the same position as the rice farmers.When will the West begin to acknowledge the effects of their actions? We can only hope to see increased awareness through documentaries such as this one. Well done, Robert Beckford. Yedassi-oo. Thank you.Nana Amoako Agyeman, Edubiase Nkosuohene

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