10 best asking money text messages sms for help samples (Ask for money back)

10 best asking money text messages sms for help samples and how to ask for your money back text messages samples.


Asking for money can be a little awkward, especially if you have to do it through text message. In certain situations where we need money, we might have no option other than to make full use of text messages. However, this process is not easy and that is why this article on asking for money text messages is composed.
If you do not know how to ask someone for money in a text message, likely, you will not get money from the person regardless of how pitiful your story is.

Best asking money text messages sms for help samples

5 best asking money back text messages sms for help samples
10 best asking money text messages sms for help samples

Below are the best asking money text messages:

1. Dear [Recipient Name],
Thank you for the time to read my text message. How is the family and how is [mention the name of other loved ones that live with them] I hope everything is going on fine.
I have a lovely family and loving relatives, and you are one of the relatives I can ask for help.
The problem I have is beyond my reach though I wish I could handle it alone. I have been [describe your problem] for a while and I have informed my parents.

I know I have to fix this problem and I had outlined a solution to the problem. The total cost of demand is $100, and my parents have given me $20 to add to the $20 I have, which makes it $40. I still have some more money to add and I am pleading that you assist me to solve the problem.

If you would consider helping me, below are my payment details [include your bank account or your e-wallet details].
I would be hoping to hear from you soon.
Thank you.
Yours Lovely,
[Your full name]

2. Dear [title and name of the person],
I must confess that I am proud to have you open my letter. I hope everything is moving swiftly and I pray you to get the strength to handle each of your responsibilities.
Sometimes, things happen that pin us down, but there are always people to assist in taking us back up. You are one such personality blessed to guide and take others up.

It is quite unfortunate for me to be in the demanding situation I am in now. The challenge I am facing is that [describe the problem briefly].
I have put several things in place to solve the problem and so far, I have been able to cover 50% of the problem.

The total cost for solving the problem is Gh1000, which I can gather as Gh500
If you would love to help me cover my cost, kindly assist me through [include your payment details; bank account, PayPal, Mobile money number].
I would be anticipating your warm response.
Thank you.
[Your full name]

3. Hi John, At some point in life, everyone hits the rock bottom – you know that point where contemplating suicide becomes a hobby. John, I am currently at that point, so I am sending this text message and requesting help.

I am ashamed of asking you over the phone because I never believed that my situation would get to this point. You know you can help me, and that is why you are the only person I have reached out to, among others. I have a business that would start yielding money in a few months, but I need some funds that will sustain me and keep me alive till that time.
John, I promise to pay you back as soon as I lay my hands on any money. You know I need to eat to be alive, and that is what this little money I am asking for will help me achieve. Thanks so much, as I anticipate a positive response. Yours truly beloved friend [Your full name]

4. Hello[Recipient Name]
I am grateful that you have to halt every one of your activities to read this letter from me, [your name], to you, [name of recipient].

When we find ourselves in tough situations, we ask for help from those that can help us. I may not be close to you, but I am positive that you are one of the few I can look to for happiness.
I have a problem I wish could solve alone, but it is beyond my powers.

The problem I have is that [explain your problem briefly] and I am sharing it with you because I can’t handle it alone.
I have reviewed the problem and the amount that can solve it is $250.

I would be grateful if you assist me, at least to reach a certain amount. So far, I have gathered $50. Please, assist me by paying into [include how you want the payment to be made].
Thank you.
[Your full name]

5. Hi Alfred,
I appreciate you for being one of the best friends I have ever had in my life. You’ve always been there when others fail, and I know that I have never forgotten you either. I have reached a point in my life where I don’t have anyone else to run to again apart from you.

My life is crumbling, and I need someone to save me from doing something stupid. All I need is just a little amount of money to keep my body and soul together. I have not been feeling well since I lost my job, and life has become complicated. Dear Alfred, I still believe there is hope because there is this business venture I am expecting to pay off soon and give me money, but I need to be alive till then.

I would love you to lend me just a little money to survive on, and I will pay you as soon as possible.
I thank you for being such a true friend to me—much love from your friend Kwabena.

6. Hi[Recipient name] How are you? And I hope life is treating you fair. I wish I can say the same about my condition, but it’s been hell over the past few days. I was stopped from committing suicide by a friend – I am not proud of it, but what is life without hope? I am exploring my last hope for people I believe can help me.

I need to get my life back, and I need a little financial help from you. I want to start a business that requires (insert amount of money). I may not be able to get all from you due to the present condition of things, but don’t leave me to myself.

If you can offer me just any amount to get started, I will be so grateful. I promise to pay as soon as I kickstart the business. I can equally send you a business plan to explain how I will spend the money you intend to give me. I will be expectant and hopeful – I will never forget the good deed.
Thanks in advance for your help, and God bless you, richly.
Yours Faithfully
(Your name)

7. Hi [name of recipient],
It has been a while since we talked, and I hope you’re doing great.

If we don’t talk doesn’t mean we don’t have each other’s back, and I am writing to request help from you
Recently, I encountered a problem beyond my abilities, and I am so stuck in my thoughts.

I borrowed $100 from John last week, and I’m so broke to pay it back. He has been pressuring me to pay back, but I’m unable to explain how broke I am to him. I managed to raise $30, and I plead for you to assist me in completing the payment for my friend.

I understand he feels disappointed, and I do not intend to make excuses because I promised to pay him back early.

Kindly get back to me, and I hope you consider my request. My account number is [your account number], and my account name is [account name].

8. I thank you for standing by me during the past years we have been together. Even though you are not financially stable. I have gotten to a stage already where I need help, and I cannot look beyond you.
Philip, my life is going down the drain, and I desperately need help, you might be hearing bad news from my side anytime soon. I seek your financial assistance to keep on moving in life.

There are many business opportunities around, which will yield millions in some months, but I need enough capital to start and sustain myself. I would be so appreciative if you can heed my cry, and I also promise to pay you back once I can get hold of the money. Once again, I thank you for standing by me in the past years, and I hope you also stand by me in this challenging time
your sincere friend [Your name]

9. Hi Harry,
How is life treating you over there? I believe yours cannot be worse than my current situation. I  lost my job a few months back, and life has become a living hell for me ever since then. I hardly feed on 3 square meals per day. I am considering doing something I will regret if I do not get help anytime soon, so I am approaching you.
I am in desperate need of money to survive and start up something where I can begin to make some money and kick-start my whole life again. I would be grateful if you can assist me, and I also promise to pay back when my business starts paying me. Yours truly beloved friend. [Your name]

10. Hi Nana,
I want to thank you for your help during our days together in school and after school. You have always stood by me in times of hardship and trouble. However, in recent years, life has not been incredibly useful to me. I have been managing ever since I lost my job, and I can barely last till the next month if I do not seek help, which is why I have come to you.

I know you may not be the financially buoyant type, but with the little you have, I hope you can assist me in standing on my feet again and surviving. I promise to pay you back in no time when I get back the money you will give me. Thank you once again, and I hope you heed my cries
Your longtime friend  Christopher[your name]

5 best Asking for money back text messages samples

5 best asking money back text messages sms for help samples
5 best asking money back text messages sms for help samples

Here are 5 sample messages to ask for money back from someone:

  1. Direct and to the point:

Hi [name],

I hope this message finds you well.

I’m writing to you today to ask if you’ve had a chance to think about repaying the $50 I loaned you last month. I’m in a bit of a tight spot right now and would really appreciate it if you could send me the money by [date].

Thanks, [Your name]

  1. Friendly and casual:

Hey [name],

How’s it going?

I’m just writing to check in about the $20 I loaned you a few weeks ago. I know you said you’d pay me back by now, but I haven’t heard from you yet.

No worries if you’re still a little short on cash. Just let me know when you think you’ll be able to send me the money.

Thanks, [Your name]

  1. Empathetic and understanding:

Hi [name],

I hope this message finds you well.

I know you’ve been going through a tough time lately, and I’m really sorry to hear about it. I’m here for you if you need anything.

I’m also writing to you today to ask about the $100 I loaned you a few months ago. I know you said you’d pay me back by now, but I haven’t heard from you yet.

I’m not trying to put any pressure on you, but I’m starting to get a little worried. If you’re still struggling to make ends meet, I’m happy to work something out with you.

Just let me know what’s going on.

Thanks, [Your name]

  1. Blazing the trail:

Hi [name],

I’m writing to you today to request the return of the $300 I loaned you last year. As you know, I’ve been struggling financially lately, and I really need the money back.

I’ve been patient up until now, but I’m starting to get a little worried. I’ve tried to contact you several times, but I haven’t heard back from you.

I’m not sure if you’re still able to pay me back, but I would really appreciate it if you could try.

If you’re not able to pay me back in full, I would be happy to work out a payment plan with you.

Please let me know what you’re able to do.

Thanks, [Your name]

  1. Formal and business-like:

Dear [name],

I am writing to you today to request the return of the $500 I loaned you on [date]. As you know, this money was loaned to you for the purpose of [reason].

I have not yet received any repayment for this loan, and I am now requesting that you return the full amount by [date]. If I do not receive the full amount by this date, I will be forced to take further action.

I understand that you may be experiencing financial difficulties, but I am also facing financial hardship as a result of this loan. I am requesting that you make every effort to repay this loan as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

Sincerely, [Your name]

I hope these messages help you get your money back!.

TIPS for asking money text messages sms for help samples

Tell Honest and Brief Story

While telling your story ensure it is brief, in just 5 or 7 lines. Be Specific with your request. For example, if you need money to buy a taxi, tell them the type you intend to buy and why you like it.

Use an Emotional Tone

If a recipient must give you money after reading your text message asking for money, you must include emotions.
To incite emotions, explain to the recipient that you wish you had the money to solve your problem and you would be so grateful if your wish is granted.

Call the Recipient

After sending the message asking for money to someone, call to inform them that you sent the letter.

It is a good step to take because some people may deny receiving any text message from you regarding the money you need.

When you call the recipient, tell them that you sent them a message and that since you could not say your request, you put it down as a text message.

Beg to an Extent

Though you want money from the person, you do not have to beg as if you are hopeless. Open the message with a simple and general salutation like “Dear”.

In the first paragraph of the asking for money text messages, tell the recipient that you are grateful that they are giving time to your letter.

Conclude with Call to Action

Before you conclude, your call to action must state how you expect to receive the money. The recipient may not remember to call you to ask how you want the payment so add your Mobile Money number or account details.

That ends in a simple but powerful way. All you need to do is wait for some days before sending a reminder.
You can customize yours to suit your needs. Make sure you don’t send the same message to one person twice.

Source: cbgist.com

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